About Us...

Formed on a sultry southern night in East Nashville in 2007, The Frolics blend elements of Surf (Dick Dale), Punk (The Dead Kennedys) and Camp (The Cramps). This shaken, not stirred, cocktail yields a potent mix of what they like to call “B-Movie Bombshell Surf"... with a twang!

On the strength of their self titled 2008 release, The Frolics gigged regularly in Nashville (Amy playing bass like the devil and singing like an angel...  Scott channeling Dick Dale and Joe Strummer into his guitar).

It was time for a change, so they left their drummer Curt in the caring arms of the Davidson County sheriff’s office and Scott and Amy fled north. They settled in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and soon hooked up with drummer and classic Vespa rider, Jeff the Mod. The trio began playing shows, writing new songs and spending too much time with burlesque dancers.

In late 2009 they headed back to Nashville to record album number two, 'Ripe'. Holed up for 10 days with producer Eric Fritsch in his Eastwood Studios, The Frolics lived off of southern BBQ and Pabst Blue Ribbon. The trip south was not 'all work and no play' as they took time out to do a few gigs, including sharing the stage with Tommy Tutone (he really liked them!). 

Drummer Jeff the Mod decided to move to London, England in April 2011 where he's continuing his musical journey. 

Hellloooo Ali D... The Frolics' current drummer. Fierce and fiesty, Ali vibes behind the drum kit à la Gina Schock. She is the band's longest standing drummer with three full albums under her belt (yes, that is a record). Ali IS the other Frolic, adding an edgy twist to their wicked brew.

In January 2012, The Frolics reunited with Fritsch to record their third album 'Bombastic'... a spicy blend of indie power-surf. Having been featured on local TV and radio, 'Bombastic' created the buzz the band needed in order to reach beyond the snowy plains of Alberta. 

The Frolics fourth album, 'Sippin' Lemonade'... recorded in (you guessed it) Nashville with (none other than) Eric Fritsch, made gains across the United States and Canada - especially with the college radio market. Imagine a high speed car chase fuelled by desire, or a cliff-hanger move that leaves you on the edge of your seat. This album is dirty surf guitar, trashy drums, and gritty vocals. 
You only live once ? better make it worth it ? do whatever it takes ? Sippin' Lemonade ?

Album number five! With the help of a $10,000 grant, The Frolics were able to record 'Sun Sets' at the legendary Sun Studio in Memphis, TN. This CD has a stripped down, live off the floor, surf rock sound haunted by the ghosts of Elvis and Johnny Cash. Flu and fatigue didn't get in the way of this adventure... thank goodness for the endless supply of cold meds and Mexican cola!

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled and your ears open; The Frolics are always ready to serve up a beachy buffet of dance, sizzle, and grit! Catch the wave!